Optimal Creations


Optimal Creations is a company specializing in programming for the Event Ticket industry, including setting up PDF files with variable data for various digital presses. Our employees combine for almost 30 years experience in the Event ticket data processing industry, with several companies.


We are able to provide manifest pre-processing, setting up variable imaging runs for a variety of equipment, create custom reports, create electronic manifests, barcode and variable imaging proofs, and any other custom solutions required. We are able to handle manifest files in a variety of formats, including Ticketmaster (old formats and Arctics), Paciolan, Tickets.com, Tessistura, Excel, Access, SQL databases, and many others, including custom formats. We can create digital press runs both with supplied artwork, or as a separate variable-only layer, as required. We can also pre-collate different sheets and different artwork into a single continuous run, if required.

We can also manipulate the data in your supplied files, if they do not contain exactly what you wish imaged. If you wish us to do custom data manipulation (or have custom format that the data is in), please feel free to email a small sample data file, and any special directions, to us for a free assessment/test on the data. We also can provide an FTP account for the exchange of files (artwork, variable data) in both directions, if you require.

Optimal Creations also offers a discount for orders that are paid within 30 days of the invoice date, of 10% (this will be reflected in any quotes that you receive from us).

Our staff have done programming and variable data manipulation for minor league, college and professional sports clients (including NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and the CFL), as well as various operas, symphonies, music events, and awards shows.

For more information, or to ask for a quote, please contact Curtis Boyle at 1-306-612-4722, or by email: curtisboyle@optimalcreations.com